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Studio Albis      Colin Harrison
Artist’s Statement

I take photographs of nature. You could call me a nature photographer, but I am not a collector of pretty scenes. My main goal is to stimulate innate responses in the eye of the beholder. Not to communicate, nor to assert significance. But to provoke reactions, sometimes positive, sometimes negative, to visual patterns to which we have been conditioned over many millennia. Patterns that are inherent in our humanity.


The fine artist has the freedom to create such images himself, whether representing the observed world or a possible world that only he can see. The poor photographer is constrained to seek out these images, as natural examples of the object trouvé. Fortunately, our conditioning is based on millennia of living on Earth and so these evocative images are not hard to find. That is then my goal - to find and capture those images in nature that demonstrate instances of these patterns and in particular those patterns that trigger our sense of beauty.


We, who are so rich in both aesthetics and in wealth, can respond to those whose lives are ravaged by war and disease.  I have the luxury of not needing to earn my living in this way.  When I sell prints, I contribute the the gross profit to Doctors Without Borders (MSF)  If you find that my work achieves at least in part its goal of evoking your humanity, then please join with me in contributing to their important work.